Convert Your Car to 100% Electric Power

At Make Mine Electric we have a passion for using modern electric vehicle technology to update your vintage, classic, or antique car into an efficient, cleaner, cooler ride while preserving its unique style.

We recommend that anyone interested in purchasing an EV, converting a car to electric, or having a professional convert your car to electric check out our FREE online Introduction to EV concepts course.

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How EV Conversion Works

How EV  Conversion Works

When converting a gas-powered car to electric, the combustion engine, transmission, gas tank, and exhaust system must be removed and replaced with an electric motor, controller, and EV battery.

Great care must be taken to keep the converted vehicle in compliance with the gross vehicle weight. Modification of the brakes and suspension are also required to keep the driver and passengers safe.

Mechanical and electrical experience is required, which is why most people hire a professional EV technician to handle the conversion for them.

Convert my car to 100% electric power
Can my car be converted to EV

Can my Car be Converted?

Any car can be converted. It's a function of driving requirements vs. investment. In general, it is nearly always more economical to purchase a modern electric car with all the creature comforts and technology available. But, what's the fun in that?

Ecologically and emotionally converting or re-purposing an existing vehicle is a sound decision. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to produce an automobile. If the shell is in good condition, then converting it is environmentally net positive.

So, what are the best cars to convert? It's a personal preference. Just remember that you will be driving it for a long time, so choose wisely.

How EV conversion works
Cost of EV Conversion

Cost of EV  Conversion

Converting a car to EV ranges in cost depending on the condition of the vehicle, whether you're doing it yourself, or hiring a professional. To get an accurate estimate of the investment involved, take our FREE online Introduction to EV Concepts Course

One of the major costs of converting or purchasing an EV is the Traction Pack, or battery. To put this in perspective, consider that you are purchasing 80-90% of your fuel costs in advance. Instead of going to the gas station every week or two and spending $50-$150 on gas, you'll plug in every day or two and spend a few dollars on electricity.

For a small car, like a VW Bug, in reasonable shape the electronics and battery will each cost about $10K-$15K, and the labor about $10K. Add $10-$15K for a mid-sized car.

Can my car be converted?
How long does EV Conversion take?

How long does EV conversion take?

It depends! At Make Mine Electric we have trained many DIYers and it typically takes them 200-400 hours. If they work every Saturday, that's 25-50 Saturdays, or 6-12 months. YIKES!

Experienced EV Conversion Professionals will spend half that time on a car model for which they have already done the design and integration work. For a car they've never converted, add 15-20% more time.

Cost of EV conversion
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How long does EV conversion take?
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